Lighted basepath at Principal Park

During the holiday season, they light the base path at Principal Park. Principal Park is home to the minor league iCubs. Of course, seeing the base path from the ground level is very challenging. To give you this view, I took to the air with my drone to provide aerial photos and videos.

Looking straight down at Principal Park in Des Moines, Iowa.

The lighted base path at Principal Park with the Des Moines city skyline in the background.
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Did you know that the first baseball game under permanent lights was in Des Moines?

On May 2, 1930, the Des Moines Demons played the Wichita Aviators under the first night game that was held under permanent lights. The game took place at Western League Park in Des Moines, IA. Western League park used to be located near the intersection of Grand Ave and 4th Street, which is now where the iconic Traveler’s sign is located).

The estimated cost was $22,000 to add the 90-foot towers with the lights. I’m pretty certain that $22,000 was a tremendous cost considering they were in the middle of the depression. However, the night games were a big success, as people had to work during the entire day, so an evening game was welcomed. In fact, the first game had over 12,000 fans turn out. It was so successful that they immediately changed the schedule to move the next day’s game from daytime to another night game under the lights.

YouTube video

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