Hi! I’m Brian Abeling, I’m the person behind Iowa Road Trip. I’m a New Yorker by birth, but an Iowan by choice. I’ve spent years traveling each corner of Iowa in search of unique destinations and views. My photography and video work is frequently featured in the media, publications, as well as travel/tourism promotional materials.

Website: iowaroadtrip.net

  • 40,000+ views per month
  • 55% live in Iowa, 30% in neighboring states
  • 65% women, 35% men largest age group is 35 to 64
  • Audiences other primary interests: food, pets, family, shopping
Map showing IowaRoadTrip.net’s traffic sources: 55% from Iowa, 30% from neighboring states. The three largest markets outside of Iowa are: 1) Omaha, Neb 2) Madison, Wisc, and 3) Minneapolis, Minn.
Map showing the Iowa traffic sources for iowaroadtrip.net

Facebook: fb.com/iowaroadtrip

  • Fans: 150,000+
  • Audience: 75% women, 25% men
  • Most common age: 25 to 55

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What’s the story behind Iowa Road Trip?
In 2016, I started sharing my Iowa photos on a Facebook page titled “Abeling Photo” It wasn’t long before my followers would tag a friend and comment “Road Trip! We need to go see this!”. In the summer of 2018, I launched a new Facebook page based on the recurring comments, which is titled “Iowa Road Trip” and now has over 100,000 followers. The website iowaroadtrip.net was then created in 2021.

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