See Hot Air Balloons over Des Moines!

Tuesday, July 25th is your chance to see hot air balloons flying over downtown Des Moines!

The event was originally scheduled for Monday, July 24th, but was postponed due to weather.

Every year, one week before the National Balloon Classic, they launch about 20 hot air balloons over downtown Des Moines to help promote the upcoming event.

What time do they launch?

Just after sunrise, typically between 6am and 6:30am.

Where do they launch from?

The location is not known until a few hours before launch, as it is dependent on wind speed and direction. To find out the location, either tune in early to WHO Radio (NewRadio 1040AM) for information about launch time/place or watch the Facebook Page for the National Balloon Classic:

Where will they land?

Landing spots are determined during the flight by each pilot/crew, as they determine what the safest location is. Sometimes it’s a park, sometimes it’s a parking lot. Just depends on the wind and what’s available.

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