Monarca Paletas: Personalize your ice cream experience

What is a paleta (pah. – leh. – tah)?
It’s basically an ice cream popsicle that is either fruit-based or cream-based. They are made daily in small batches from their personal recipe that is known to only two people.

Address: 9901 University Ave Suite 150, Clive, IA 50325


NOTE: This post is not sponsored, this was our trip, at our expense and our honest review.

Step#1: Pick your paleta.

Pick from a number of fruit-based paletas: Mango, strawberry, pineapple mint, orange, avocado, watermelon, lime – OR – pick a cream-based paleta: Deluce de Leche, chocolate, coffee, oreo, Reeses peanut butter

Step 1: Pick your paleta

Step #2: Dip or No Dip.

Select if you want your paleta dipped in options like Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Cookie Butter, or Chocolate Hazelnut

Step #2: Pick your dipping

Step #3: Pick your topping

Choose from a wide variety including Oreo, coconut, pistachios, peanuts, Fruity Pebbles, sprinkles, granola

Step #3: Pick your topping

Step #4: Drizzle

Select from Caramel, Chocolate, condensed milk, strawberry, Chamoy

Step #4: Pick your drizzle

Step #5: Treat Yo’ Self

Sit down and enjoy your ice cream creation!

Step 5: Treat Yo’ Self

Step #6: Take your photo in front of their gorgeous murals / art work!

What creations did our group make during our visit?

Strawberry paleta dipped in dark chocolate. Their fruit-based paletas are divine – if you’re in the mode for a cool treat, but traditional ice cream is not your thing, then you have a new home with Monarca Paletas!
Hot Chocolate Paleta wrapped in a baked-fresh waffle cone then drizzled with caramel and chocolate.
Mango paleta dipped in chocolate hazelnut then sprinkled with Fruity Pebbles

Mango paleta dipped in dark chocolate, covered with sprinkles

What’s our review? Will we make a return visit?

We will definitely be returning! This place is a huge hit. Personally, I love cream-based traditional ice cream, but if my family doesn’t – then we need a place where we can all get something, and Monarca Paletas is it! Traditional fruit-based paletas are probably their strong suit and they are wonderful, as they are made with real fruit and lots of it. You have a ton of options to mix and match with – but to be honest, I think the best ones we tasted were the simple mixes. For example, the strawberry paleta is so good by itself, it really needs nothing more than a chocolate or caramel drizzle.

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