A trip to Jester Park with Iron Man

My nephew had a photography assignment that was due for school. I offered to take him out for various landscape and possibly wildlife photos and for our destination, I choose Jester Park in Polk County. His younger brother also wanted to tag along for the trip. He was at the age when he wore his Iron Man costume everywhere. So that meant that little Iron Man was coming with us to Jester Park.

The Pines

Our first stop was the small gathering of pine trees. It’s a popular location where we’ve seen others taking portrait photos. In our case, we just wanted a unique location and also a chance to point the camera up to get the trees pointing skyward. Here’s the exact google maps location of the pines.

Iron Man walking through the tall pines at Jester Park in Polk, County.
Pointing the camera straight up through the tall pines.

The end results from looking straight up through the tall pines at Jester Park.

The Pond

We then took a short hike around the pond, which winds through another set of tall pines and leads back to the boardwalk on the edge of the pond. Here’s the exact Google Maps location for the trail around the pond.

Reflections off the pond at Jester Park in Polk County.
The trail around the pond.
The trail around the pond also cuts through a few patches of tall pine trees.

A few early-season fishermen are out enjoying Jester Park.

The boardwalk around the pond.

Bird Blind

Just a short distance up the road, on the right-hand side is the bird blind. If you haven’t stopped at this before, I highly encourage it. It’s just a small building that has an opening to allow you to see out to a collection of bird feeders. I’ve noticed over the years that many younger kids either love or hate the bird blind, but to my surprise, most of the children that I’ve taken have loved it and spent a lot of time watching the variety of birds that stop at the feeders. Here’s the exact Google Maps location for the bird blind at Jester Park.

The view looking out from the bird blind.
Walking with Iron Man towards the bird blind.
Goldfinches (in this photo), woodpeckers, and cardinals are frequent visitors to the bird blind.

The Bison & Elk Exhibit

Another short drive down the road is the bison and elk exhibits. Here’s the exact Google Maps location for the bison enclosure at Jester Park.

The Saylorville Mile Long Bridge

Our last stop was just outside the park underneath the Saylorville Mile Long Bridge. It’s the third-longest bridge in the state of Iowa. You can access under the bridge at the Lincoln Access, here’s the exact Google location and path to the location underneath the Saylorville Mile Long Bridge.

Last hooray for Iron Man. By this time, he was getting cold and we were running out of time, so we got on the road to head back home.

For more information on Jester Park, visit their website: http://www.jesterparknaturecenter.com

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