See the Folded Flags at night in West Des Moines

Folded Flags is a unique and permanent public art in West Des Moines, Iowa. There are 15 total flags that are each 15 feet tall. The installation was completed and dedicated on Flag Day (June 14th) in 2019. Perhaps most stunning is that the flags are lit from within at night – so we really encourage you to drive by at night!

Brian Abeling / AbelingPhoto The 15 folded flags are illuminated from within each evening.

Where is the Folded Flag display located?

Location: Intersection of Brown’s Woods Dr and Veterans Parkway in West Des Moines, Iowa

Where is the best place to park for the Folded Flag display?

There’s a parking lot for Brown’s Woods that is nearby.

The folded flags at night. Brian Abeling / AbelingPhoto

Who designed and built and Folded Flag?

It was designed by Shive Hattery, Inc. and structures were built by Nagle Signs.

What’s the history of the Folded Flag display?

In 2017, the city of West Des Moines started having meeting to discuss enhancements to the Veterans Parkway. As part of the improvements, they wanted to create art displays dedicated to veterans. The Folded Flag was the first art piece added to the area – and additional projects are being planned. It was installed on Flag Day, June 14th, 2019, and is located at Veterans Parkway and Brown’s Woods Drive in West Des Moines.

Brian Abeling / AbelingPhoto The folded flag display in West Des Moines during the day.

What does the American flag in a triangle mean?

As a sign of respect, the U.S. flag is folded into a triangle when it is taken down. In addition, the folded flag is a part of ceremonies honoring the death of veterans and is presented to their next of kin.

How many stars should show on a folded flag?

When folded properly, one side should have 6 stars and the other side should have 4 stars. In this exhibit, all of the flags are displaying 6 stars.

Brian Abeling / AbelingPhoto

What is the shape of a folded flag called?

The shape of a triangular folded flag is called a pennon, or sometimes called pennant or pendant.

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