Penny’s Diner in Missouri Valley, Iowa

I’ve driven along Interstate 29 in Western Iowa numerous times, but just noticed Penny’s Diner in Missouri Valley. It’s not far from the Interstate, so I’m not sure how I missed it, but nonetheless, I’ve found it now.

After researching it, Penny’s is a chain, not a local dive. I don’t believe I’ve ever featured a chain restaurant before, but I do really like 50’s style diners. Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post or visit, opinions are my own and the cost of the trip and meal was my own also.

If you do stop by, you should also drive a few more blocks to visit their local dog park. Are you serious? A dog park? Yes, Little Willow Dog Park features a set of chainsaw sculptures of dogs that is outstanding! Definitely worth it, as it’s only a few short blocks from the diner.

Penny’s is a 50’s style diner that is open 24/7.

Both my wife and I ordered the standard bacon cheeseburger with fries. The meal was fine – nothing extraordinary, but if you’re on the road and need something better than fast food options, Penny’s is a good pick.

Should I get a commission for bringing in customers?

For some folks, they will not stop at a restaurant with an empty parking lot. They say it’s a sign that no one likes it and it’s best to avoid empty parking lots. When we drove up to Penny’s the parking lot is shared with a hotel – but it was clear that no one was in the diner as most of the workers were outside enjoying the sunshine.

So would I avoid a place with an empty parking lot – no, not me. I’ve been known to stop at places with no one else around and when I’m done, there’s a crowd. And today was no exception. We picked our booth and others started streaming in. My wife says that we should get a commission for this. Does that every happen to you?

Address: 128 N Willow Rd, Missouri Valley, IA 51555

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