A winter walk on Fulton Avenue in the Loess Hills

I was traveling with my daughter, heading south of I-29 along the edge of the Loess Hills, and made a stop at one of my favorite level B roads.  It’s named Fulton Avenue and is just east of Little Sioux in Harrison County. 

Every county has a few roads that are designated as “Level B”.  Typically do not have any living on them and they receive minimal maintenance.   During the summer and fall, when they are dry, they are fun to explore.  For more information/photos/videos, visit my page on Fulton Avenue in Harrison County.  However, I had previously never had the chance to explore this route during the winter.

Location: Intersection of 138th Trail and Fulton Avenue, Little Sioux, Iowa.

Visit my post for a full review and tour of Fulton Avenue.

It had snowed recently, so I decided that we would just park at the start of Fulton Ave and 138th Trail intersection.  (Here’s a link to google maps for the exact location where we parked)

I wouldn’t risk driving on Fulton Avenue during the winter unless you had a high clearance four-wheel drive vehicle.  Otherwise, what looks like a nice snow-covered path is most likely a deeply rutted dirt mess underneath.

At the start of the path, the two roads merge together into a narrow wedge of soil that tapers down to the street sign that marks the starting point. 

The intersection of 138th Trail and Fulton Avenue.

About 100 yards up the path, there is a tight ninety-degree turn to the right.    Just after that, there’s an entire tree that has fallen over and is still balanced on both sides of the banks.

A short distance up the road there is a tree that has fallen over and still sits a top the sides.

The path itself goes on for approximately 2.4 miles.  Stretches of Fulton Avenue are technically a part of the new “Brent’s Trail” that connects nearby Murray Hill and  Gleason-Hubel Wildlife Area, which is an 8-mile route. 

But on this particular day, we walked past the fallen tree and then headed down the same path to our vehicle. 

YouTube video

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