Little Willow Dog Park in Missouri Valley, Iowa.

This is my favorite dog park in Iowa – not only because of the dog park itself but because of what they did outside the dog park.

Location of the dog park on Google Maps

Located on the perimeter of the park are tree stumps that have been carved into memorials to owners (who I’m guessing helped pay for the project) to have tree stumps turned into gorgeous carvings, which were done by Bear Grove Chainsaw Carvings. It appears that each of the carved dogs was done in honor of someone’s local pet, as each of the carvings is labeled with the pet and owner’s name.

Be sure to bring your dog when you visit – it’s an outstanding off the leash dog park that offers two separate areas for different-sized dogs. There are tunnels, bridges, obstacles, and a water cool down station for fido – and there are benches, picnic areas, and even swings for the owners.

They even have some great swings for the owners to sit down and relax.
The carvings were done by Bear Grove Chainsaw Carvings
The entrance to the dog park area – including the metal bones that are plaques featuring those who donated to the park.
The park features tunnels, hoops, ladders, and even bridges for fido!

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  1. Thanks for all of your interesting viewing pleasures in the Loss Hills area. I’m coming from Des Moines next Wednesday to DeSoto Bend even though all the birds won’t be there, darn. So you have given me another place to go, the dog park. Any other suggestions around close to Missouri Valley? Might stop at Hitchcock Reserve at the lookout also. Thanks again, enjoy your suggestions/ articles.

    1. Yes, Hitchcock Nature Center is great idea! They a variety of trails and the observation tower is also great.

        1. You’re welcome. Is it true that a few more will be added next year? Also, if you have any other projects in public locations, let me know, I’ll add them to my list of locations to visit and feature.

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