Visit Winter Wonderland in LeMars, Iowa

Winter Wonderland is a holiday lights display located on private property on the west edge of LeMars, Iowa at 629 Plymouth St SW. It’s filled with thousands of lights, glow molds, inflatables, and arched walkways – and even though it is on private property, visitors are welcome to use the lighted walkways to visit and tour the display.

An aerial photo of the annual holiday lights at the Frerichs property on the west edge of LeMars, Iowa.

How and when did Winter Wonderland get started?

The owners are Mark and Sheri Frerichs who have been decorating their yards for over 35 years, including their prior location on Fourth Avenue in LeMars, Iowa. Their daughter explained, “My dad started this in 1985 with two strands of lights, two candles, and a Santa as a way to spend time with the kids.” About 17 years ago, they moved to their current location on the west edge of town. Apparently, the location/size of the yard was a consideration when buying the property, as they had MidAmerican add a large transformer when they moved in.

The property is decorated with thousands of lights and glow molds.

The Christmas decorations typically come out to the backyard in October, the same time that the Halloween decorations come in the front yard. Then there’s a transition period where the Halloween decorations are moved out and Christmas fully takes over. The Thanksgiving weekend is when they conduct the final test, using their children and grandchildren to help with the walk-through.

The Toy Shop area includes recorded music and interactive lights.
YouTube video
A quick aerial video of Winter Wonderland in LeMars, Iowa

When is Winter Wonderland open?

Winter Wonderland starts Thanksgiving weekend and runs through Jan 1st. Most nights, the lights are on from 5pm to 10pm, although the lights tend to stay on later on Christmas Eve and Christmas night.

A fresh layer of snow decorates the Winter Wonderland display in LeMars, Iowa.
A few years ago, a small bridge was added to the display

Is there an admission price to Winter Wonderland in LeMars, Iowa?

No. There is no charge. In fact, you’re encouraged to check out the designated walkways and take advantage of the many photo opportunities. We’ve heard that some families stop at the Grinch by the barn for their family photo each year.

Is this the same as Christmas Acres?

No. Christmas Acres is another large-scale private holiday lights display that is about 7 miles west of LeMars, Iowa – and if you’re in the area, be sure to visit both of these displays!

Although the Frerichs have been displaying lights since 1985, this year (2022) is the first year for the sign “Winter Wonderland” on the barn.
Another aerial view of the Winter Wonderland in LeMars, Iowa.
Arched walkways at Winter Wonderland in LeMars, Iowa.

While I’m in LeMars, what else would you recommend?

Besides visiting both Christmas Acres and Winter Wonderland…

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