Iowa towns with their Christmas Tree on Main Street

I was driving through Manning, Iowa and noticed their town Christmas tree was located in the middle of the main intersection. After posting this to Facebook, I asked Iowa Road Trip followers if they were aware of any other towns in Iowa that have a Christmas tree on their Main Street or in the town square – and if they wanted to submit photos of their hometown Christmas tree. Here are a few that were submitted and if you have more, you’re welcome to submit them to be added to this page.

Story City, Iowa

Photo above is Story City, Iowa, submitted by Shanon McKinley of the YuleFest celebration with hundreds in attendance caroling around the tree.

Photo above is also from Story City, Iowa was submitted by Shanon McKinley.

Manning, Iowa

Manning, Iowa 2023 submitted by Michelle Maynard Rasmussen

Manning, Iowa taken in 2022, Photo by Brian Abeling/ Iowa Road Trip

Stuart, Iowa

Photo by The Stuart Herald Newspaper and Four County Bulletin – Stuart, Iowa 2022

Burlington, Iowa

Photo by Cammy Hartman-Kelley

Glidden, Iowa

Photo by Brooke Peterson, who wrote, “This picture was taken during our annual town winter celebration Winter Wonderland. It features our Community Holliday Tree in the middle of Main Street in which community members decorate clear bulbs and zip-tie them to the tree. Our annual event has grown each year so this year we moved the celebration to the Glidden Fire Department and added The Christmas Bus so attendees could ride around town and look at all the light displays.

The Christmas Bus is a free will donation. Every penny donated will be spilt as follows:
❄️Each ride through Swan Lake, $10 will be donated to the Carroll County EMS.
❄️The other funds will be split 50/50 between Community of Concern food pantry and New Opportunities Kids Christmas fund.

Marion, Iowa

Their Christmas tree is located in their town square. Photo by Sierra Quick

Slater, Iowa

Photo by Courtney Croatt

Malvern, Iowa

Photo by Todd Chickering

Earlham, Iowa

Photo by Cheryl Vander Lindern

Earlham, Iowa Photo by Kent Carlson

Earlham, Iowa 2023 Submitted by Nicole Renfrow

Dike, Iowa

Dike, Iowa 2023, submitted by Cody Freese

Dike, Iowa 2022, Photo by Cody Freese

Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

They don’t have a Christmas Tree decorated, but since Mt. Pleasant is home to the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, they do have this piece decorated on the town square.

Photo by Linda Stohler-Enearl

Colo, Iowa

Photo submitted by Joyce Flynn-French

Lost Nation, Iowa

Photo submitted by Dick Rickerl

Atlantic, Iowa

Atlantic, Iowa 2023, submitted by Danielle Jessen

Monticello, Iowa

Monticello, Iowa submitted by Bob Hendricks

Walnut, Iowa

Walnut, Iowa 2023 submitted by Stephanie Brandt Blotzer

Other communities that have a Christmas tree centerpiece tradition, but I don’t currently have photos for:

  • Exira, Iowa
  • Maquoketa, Iowa
  • New Market, Iowa

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