The Great Solar Eclipse of 2024

Ok, I realize it wasn’t an Iowa Road Trip, but I’ve been asked if I captured anything from the solar eclipse, which ended up being a road trip to Perryville, Missouri. Here’s a few quick photos from our trip.

A close-up of the total solar eclipse showing the solar prominences and flares shooting out from the edge of the sun (that’s the red colored flames shooting out the sides.
Early in the eclipse when the moon partially covered up the sun. Notice the sunspots on several locations of the sun.
Just moments before the totality ended during the solar eclipse. Taken in Perryville, Missouri
Just as the totality ended during the solar eclipse.
On our trip down to Missouri, my wife came walking out of the gas station and was giggling. She said she bought some snacks for our road trip – and this was what she purchased. If you know my wife, this was the most amount of junk food that she has ever purchased at one time in her entire life. Once she started the idea, it was hard to stop. Of course, when I posted this image online, some of you thought we might be road tripping to the Little Debbie Factory.
We set up camp at the Soccer Complex in Perryville, Missouri. They sold out of T-shirts quickly, but we did get to add West Des Moines to the map which shows where all the people came from to view the eclipse.
When I asked Carrie how the eclipse was going – she said, “This is what stage the eclipse is in”

This was one of the most unique setups in the park. Mounted on top is a pair of binoculars which projects the sun down below into the bucket. The image was so sharp you could see the sunspots.

My daughter Carrie, myself, and my wife Janna getting ready for the eclipse at the Soccer Complex in Perryville, Missouri
Carrie operating the main camera, which is a Sony A7RIII with a Sigma 600mm lens.
YouTube video
A quick look around the sky during the total solar eclipse, taken with an iphone
YouTube video
Looking at the back of the camera during the total solar eclipse. Listen to the end of the video to hear what kids were saying during the total eclipse.

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