When and where to see Herky on Parade

It’s the 20th anniversary of Herky on Parade in Johnson County, the area’s largest public art installation. The six-foot-tall fiberglass sculptures have been decorated by various Iowa artists and are now on display at location across Johnson County. You’ll want to add this to your summer bucket list, as the parade will only be available this summer.

When to see Herky on Parade:

The parade started May 1st and ends at FRYFest on August 30th, 2024. Did you know that all 100 sculptures were revealed at the same time? The county blew the tornado siren at 10 am on May 1st, 2024 – as all 100 locations revealed their sculpture at the same time.

Where to see Herky on Parade:

In total, 100 Herky sculptures are peppered across Johnson County. Here’s a link to their map, showing all the exact locations: https://herkyonparade3.com/find-the-herkys/

We can do it, Iowa! by Laura Lala

Herky’s Salute to Service, by Scott Takes

Is there a list of all the Herkys on Parade?

Yes, the Herky on Parade website has a complete with a photo guide showing all the sculptures, their location, details on each creation, as well as information on the artist. It’s located at: https://herkyonparade3.com/herkys/

History of Herky on Parade

The origins of Herky on Parade date back to 2001, when the Cedar Rapids Convention and Visitors Bureau sprinkled styled versions of the American Gothic pair around Cedar Rapids. A few years later, the Cedar Rapids CVB employee responsible for the American Gothic sculptures moved to the Iowa City area and developed the original Herky on Parade program in 2004. The parade also ran in 2014, displaying 84 Herkys on Parade.

What happens to the sculptures when the parade is done?

At the completion of the parade, each sponsor has first rights to purchase the sculpture. If they do not purchase it, then its available to purchase for $5,000 each at the annual FRYFest on August 30th, 2004. After that, they will be available during an auction. At this time, over 50% of the sculptures are already sold/accounted for. Two specific Herkys aren’t for sale: the one dedicated to Caitlin Clark and the one for Spencer Lee will be gifted to each respective athlete.

How to follow along on social media

Herky on Parade is on Facebook, Instagram, and X at @HerkyonParade

Lucha-Mania by Jonathan Sims
Herky de los Muertos by Autumn Zaehringer
High Voltage Herky by members of the IBEW Local 405g
Yoda, in recognition of Hawkeye Great Spencer Lee, by Jeff Christiansen
25 Years of Captain Kirk, by Yuchen Liu

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