Top 10 Iowa Road Trip blog posts of 2022

The year 2022 was full of travel and new adventures across the entire state. This was also the first year that I documented most of my travels on the blog

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So now it’s time to look back on 2022, and take another look at the top 10 most popular blog posts on

#10. What are level B roads and how do you find the best one?

5941 visits. A guide to help understand what level B roads are, as well as links to maps to help you find level B roads in your area. Visit:

#9. Geology with a gruesome tale in NW Iowa

6479 visits. A quick preview of both the geology and the gruesome murder that took place in Gitchie Manitou Preserver in the far NW corner of Iowa. Visit:

#8. How Humphrey Parker’s walking stick became the tree in the middle of the road

6900 visits. A quick story of how Humphrey Parker relates the Tree in the Middle of the Road which is over 150 years. Visit:

#7: What you need to know about the May 15th lunar eclipse

7456 visits: A post with information and highlights for the May 15th lunar eclipse. Visit:

#6: Upcoming lighted Christmas parades in Iowa (2022)

7,752 visits My list of lighted Christmas parades from across the state of Iowa. Visit:

Lighted Christmas parade in Oskaloosa, Iowa

#5: How to have the Pella tulips all to yourself

7,825 visits. Want the Pella tulips all to yourself? Then you’ll need to get up extra early as I did – and here’s what the tulips look like during the early morning hours when no one else is around. Visit:

#4: Where to find the best sunflower fields in Iowa (2022)

10,748 visits. A list of the best places where you can find sunflower fields in Iowa. This includes public sunflower fields plotted by the DNR, as well as commercial sunflower fields. Visit:

#3: Visit the largest rural Christmas lights display in Iowa!

14,202 visits. This was a brand new post in December and still managed to crack the top three pages. Christmas Acres is the largest rural Christmas lights display in Iowa. It’s located about 7 miles west of LeMars, Iowa and has been operating for 26 years. Visit:

Christmas Acres in LeMars, Iowa

#2: The largest winter kite festival in the Midwest

15,493 visits. Enjoy the sights of Color the Wind, which is the largest winter kite festival in the Midwest. Visit:

#1: My favorite level B road in the Loess Hills of Iowa

Ya’ll love backroads and that’s easy to see because this page was visited 44,400 times this year. It was easily the most popular post on Iowa Road Trip. The page was built after I spent a significant amount of time traveling various level b backroads through the Loess Hills in Western Iowa – and this is a list of my favorite backroads. Visit:

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