Happy Birthday Iowa!

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Here’s the full list of locations in the order they are displayed in the video:

  1. Monticello, Iowa
  2. Pine Chapel, Dubuque
  3. Lutheran Church, St. Donatus
  4. Horseshoe Bluff, Dubuque
  5. St. Patrick’s, Cumming
  6. Hula Hoop Tree, Amber
  7. Linn County
  8. Monticello
  9. Morningstar Chapel, Elk Horn
    10.Bleeding Hearts bush
  10. Tulips in Pella
  11. Tulip Festival in Pella
  12. Tulip Festival in Pella
  13. Whitewater Creek Canyon, Dubuque County
  14. Pulpit Rock, Decorah
  15. Sunflower field in Madison County
  16. Roller Coaster Road, Allamakee County
  17. Adventureland, Altoona
  18. Hogback Covered Bridge, Madison County
  19. Thunderstorm, Polk County
  20. National Balloon Classic, Indianola
  21. Dawn Patrol at National Balloon Classic, Indianola
  22. National Balloon Classic, Indianola
  23. Mass Ascension at National Balloon Classic, Indianola
    25.Mass Ascension at National Balloon Classic, Indianola
  24. Starry night at Badger Creek Park, Madison County
  25. Loess Hills, Monona County
  26. West Des Moines City Hall
  27. Blackhawk Bridge in Lansing
  28. Loess Hills backroads in Monona County
  29. Allamakee County
  30. Lewis and Clark Park, Council Bluffs
  31. Allamakee County
  32. Decorah
  33. Phelps Park, Decorah
  34. Cedar Lake, Madison County
  35. Dunning Springs, Decorah
  36. Clark Tower, Winterset
  37. Starry night, Badger Creek Park, Madison County
  38. Hogback Bridge, Madison County
  39. High Trestle Bridge, Boone County
  40. Trout Run Trail, Decorah
  41. Pulpit Rock, Decorah
  42. Tree in the middle of the road, Brayton
  43. Pulpit Rock, Decorah
  44. St. Anthony of Padua, Festina
  45. Annett Nature Center, Indianola
  46. St. Donatus, Jackson County
  47. Allamakee County
  48. Raccoon River Park, West Des Moines
  49. Barn in Crawford County
  50. star trails at Cedar Lake, Winterset
  51. Tug boat on the Mississippi, Dubuque
  52. American Flag barn, Sabula
  53. Abandoned school house, Jackson County
  54. American Gothic Status, Anamosa
  55. sunflower field in Madison County
  56. Jester Park, Polk County
  57. Spider Car, Avoca
  58. High Trestle Bridge, Boone County
  59. Loess Hills Scenic Overlook, Monona County
  60. Iowa State Capitol, Des Moines
  61. Star trails, Dallas County

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