A winter walk in Winterset City Park

You’ve heard people say, “It’s a snow globe outside.”  Of course, they’re referring to those winter days when oversized snowflakes are drifting ever so slowly to the ground.  While some people like to sit at the window and watch the snow globe effect, others, like myself, are busy putting their boots on for an outside adventure.  That was the exact conditions when I was out for a photo adventure at Winterset City Park in Winterset, Iowa.  

Location: Winterset City Park, Winterset, Iowa.

The snowflakes were so large and juicy (can snowflakes really be juicy? I guess so) that I had to bring an umbrella with me to protect the camera.  While others were out walking their dog or hitting the hiking trail, there I was walking around with an umbrella. As if I didn’t want to be touched by the snowflakes.   But I really did need the protection, as the snow was stacking up quickly and could easily damage my camera.  

The reason I chose to walk through Winterset City Park during a snowfall is because there are a number of unique structures to visit and photograph within a short distance. 

My first stop was the Cutler-Donahoe Covered Bridge, one of the last six covered bridges of Madison County.   The 79-foot bridge was built by Eli Cox in 1870 when it spanned across the North River near Bevington, Iowa.   The bridge was moved to this location in 1979.  

Just a short distance away is a stone arch bridge that is famous for being the backdrop during the movie “Bridges of Madison County”.  It’s the location where Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep had a getaway picnic.

Just across the road from the stone arch bridge is the hedge maze.  It was built by the local Rotary Club.  The goal is to find the sundial located in the middle of the maze.  

The entrance gate to the hedge maze.

Bench covered in snow that sits just outside the hedge maze

Bennett Cabin

Across the road on the east side of the hedge maze is the Bennett Cabin. It was built by Andrew Bennett when moved to Madison County in 1852.  It’s been renovated and restored several times. 

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