Check out the great views at Eagle Point Park in Dubuque, Iowa.

Cost is $1 per car, but the views are priceless.

It’s one of my favorite city parks in the state of Iowa – even though it’s technically just a “picnic” park meaning that it is day-use only. There are no campgrounds or cabins. From my perspective, the highlights of the park are the views and the architecture.

The views

The park sits hundreds of feet high on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River and provides an aerial view of the Lock and Dam No. 11 that sits below. Along the edge of the bluff are several coin-operated binoculars (known as tower viewers) that provide an option to get a close-up look.

YouTube video
An aerial view of Eagle Point Park in Dubuque, Iowa. Lock and Dam No. 3 is on the right side and the park’s view is hundreds of feet above on the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River.

I recommend a walk along the edge of the bluff, it’s entirely paved. If you’re lucky enough to catch a barge going through the lock, you might want to watch part of the process, although it can take up to two hours for a barge to complete its passage.

YouTube video
Aerial view of the Eagle Point Park with barge moving through the lock below.

The architecture

When you first drive through the park, you might be thinking that the shelters and buildings were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, as they are Prairie Style of architecture, but they were not. Instead, they were designed by Alfred Caldwell who was inspired by Wright. Caldwell was a landscape architect by trade and became the park superintendent and then became the W.P.A. (Works Progress done during the great depression) supervisor for the park.

As you drive under the Promenading Bridge, you’ll wonder if the buildings were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

In 1936, the park won a national WPA design award. That same year, the park was visited by President Roosevelt and first lady Eleanor during their reelection campaign.

“This is my idea of a worthwhile boondoggle.”

Quote from President Roosevelt after visiting Eagle Point Park to see the development from the W.P.A.

The park has numerous shelters and enclosed rooms available for rent.

Near the Promenading Bridge, you’ll find this short tunnel that goes under one of the shelters.

This bald eagle statue is located at the entrance to the park.

Location: 2601 Shiras Ave, Dubuque, Iowa, 52001


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  1. Our home town, but we live near Dallas, Tx now. Eagle Point Park is most likely the prettiest City owned park I have ever seen in my 80 years.