Chainsaw Sculptures in Winterset City Park

Gary Keenan has turned Winterset’s ash tree problem into an attraction.

After being hit by the emerald ash borer, a group of ash trees in the Winterset City Park in Winterset, Iowa had to be removed. Seven tree stumps were left for Keenan. After looking over the size of the tree, Keenan creates a plan for turning the wood into a work of art.

Take a drive through Winterset City Park at E. South St and, S 9th St and you’ll see some of the following creations.

The Winterset Huskies, the mascot of the local high school is a chainsaw sculpture created by Gary Keenan in the Winterset City Park in Winterset, Iowa.
A rabbit looking up a butterfly.

If you’ve been to the Iowa State Fair, you’ve probably seen Gary Keenan and didn’t realize it. For several years, he’s been a part of the chainsaw sculpting group that sets up at the fair. In fact, it was a friend who told him about the chainsaw sculptures at the fair, which started his interest. His creations can now be seen nationwide. For more details on his creations, visit Carvings by Keenan.

Two Gnomes covered in fresh snow at the Winterset City Park, which were created by Gary Keenan from ash trees that were removed.

A perched eagle.

Red squirrels

If you haven’t visited Winterset City Park before, be sure to add it to your list – it’s home to one of the five remaining covered bridges of Madison County (Cutler-Donohue Covered Bridge, Clark Tower, the stone bridge, the hedge maze – and now Gary Keenan’s fantastic chainsaw sculptures.

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