Would you race a motorcycle up that hill?

The 160-foot sharp inclined hill behind the road is home to the Anamosa Hill Climb, where riders are challenged to climb or race to the top. It’s located on Shaw Road just outside of Anamosa, Iowa. Here’s the exact Google map location for the Anamosa Hill Climb.

When and where is the next Anamosa Hill Climb?

The next race is scheduled for June 2nd and Sept 8th, 2024, 10am to 5pm. The address is 10277 Shaw Road, Anamosa, Iowa. Exact Google map location

What is the cost to get in the Anamosa Hill Climb?

Entrance fee is $15 per person, children under 10 are free. If you arrive early, parking on the road is free. After the road fills up, then parking is available in a nearby field, where the owner typically charges $5.

Website: http://anamosahillclimb.com/

The road to the right is Highway 151 that runs between Cedar Rapids and Dubuque.

YouTube video
A video clip showing the Anamosa Hill Climb

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