The largest barn in Iowa: Stone Barn in Stone City.

While researching, I wasn’t able to find a definitive source that would declare that it was indeed the largest barn in Iowa – but there are certainly a few online references as well as a local Stone City information board that makes this claim.

Located in Stone City, Iowa, it’s believed to be the largest barn in the state of Iowa. It was built in 1889 by John Green, an early operator of one of the local stone quarries in Stone City. It is approximately 60 feet by 120 feet and 30 feet tall. It originally housed up to 100 horses that were used at the quarry.

In the 1930’s the Green family sold the barn to George Nissen, who is credited with inventing the trampoline. The Nissen family converted the upper level of the barn to a gymnasium, which still exists today. The photo above was taken during an open house that was held in June 2021 by the Iowa Barn Foundation. I have additional photos of the interior – but I will not be posting them online, as the barn is privately owned and it is their home.

For many years, the area around the stone barn was used for the annual Grant Wood Art Festival.

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