Get your selfie with the American Gothic farmer and daughter.

“God Bless America” is a traveling sculpture by Seward Johnson that is inspired by Grant Wood’s painting “American Gothic”. The sculpture has been in the state of Iowa before, it was featured at the Iowa State Fair and also at Anamosa in previous years.

Location: 300 block on Main Street in Anamosa, Iowa. (exact google map location)

The sculpture features the farmer and his daughter that were featured in Wood’s famous painting. The model for the farmers was Grant Wood’s dentist and the model for the daughter was his sister Nan. Like Grant, Nan was born and raised in Anamosa, Iowa and they are both buried in town at the Riverside Cemetery.

The sculpture is 25 feet tall and weighs in a 32,000 pounds.

The sculpture was installed in Anamosa back in June 2021 – but hurry up and visit and it will only be staying through this year!

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