Iowa Road Trip’s most popular Facebook posts of 2022

We recently listed our most popular blog posts of 2022 – but the most popular Iowa Road Trip Facebook posts are quite different from the blog posts. Of the top 10 FB posts, 9 are individual photos and one is a link to a blog post. Although they are the most popular posts in 2022, the photos weren’t necessarily taken in 2022 – just the most popular of the year.

To measure the most popular Facebook posts, I’m using reach. Reach is defined as the number of people who saw the post at least once. I prefer this measure over likes, as there are posts that get a high number of likes, but still don’t manage to reach a large audience. In a typical month, the Iowa Road Trip Facebook page reaches an audience of about 1 million viewers.

#10 Kate Shelley Bridge near Boone with a reach of 302,617

#9 Hastie Hollow in Mills County with a reach of 311,917

#8 Kayays on the Upper Iowa River with a reach of 326,871

#7 Phelps Park in Decorah with a reach of 330,648

#6 My favorite level B roads in the Loess Hills with a reach of 340,945

#5 Tree in the middle of the road with a reach of 377,151

#4 Pikes Peak State Park near McGregor with a reach of 405,916

#3 Goat Hill near Spencer with a reach of 421,542

#2 Palisades Park in Decorah with a reach of 489,406

#1 Pikes Peak State Park near McGregor with a reach of 708,922

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