Building Art Murals in Dubuque

Starting back in 2016, downtown Dubuque, Iowa has seen a steady growth of building art murals. It’s now estimated to have nearly 45 significant murals. Here are a few murals that I captured during a recent trip through Dubuque.

For a complete map of all murals, visit Voices Productions, they have a great map to guide you through downtown Dubuque to find all of the murals.

“America Needs a Hug” by Werc & Gera, 1501 Central Ave, (exact Google Maps location)
“Portal” by Hoxxoh, 1555 Central Ave, (exact Google map location)
1555 Central Ave.
“Owl’s Moon” by WERC, 1504 Central Ave, (exact google map location)
“La Pachamamam Ama Dubuque” by Luis Valle, 1639 Central Ave (exact Google map location)
“Undercurrent” by WERC, 302 Locust St, (exact Google Map location)
“Young David” by Starfighter, 345 Main St. (exact Google map location)
“Cut Flowers” by Amanda Valdes, 398 Main Street (exact Google map location)
Aerial view from 398 Main Street, showing “Wild Rose” by Didi and “Young David” by Starfighter

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