A winter walk in the Sunken Gardens in Pella.

Do you like winter walks? Ok, I’m probably in the minority on this one. But I actually like walks and short hikes after a fresh snowfall. Typically, I’ll walk in a location where I’ve been during the summer or fall – and then re-experience it during the winter. I get this from my photography background, as I want to see and experience the same location during each of the sessions. To my surprise, the same location often provides a completely new look.

Location: 1110 Main Pella, IA 50219

Sunken Gardens in Pella is typically known for its abundance of tulips in the spring – but the destination is still worthy of a short winter walk. These photos were taken in Dec 2020 after a recent snowfall.

Did you know that the pond is in the shape of a wooden shoe? It’s also used for ice skating during the winter months.

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Looking through the window at the windmill at the Sunken Gardens in Pella.

The windmill was completely restored in 2019. The park was originally called “Tulip Time” – but in the 1940’s, it was thought that the name was confusing since the entire town was frequently called Tulip Time, so when the local newspaper suggested Sunken Gardens, the name was changed.
The Christmas tree inside the windmill shows through as snow sits on the window sill at Sunken Gardens in Pella.

There’s a new walkway between the Sunken Gardens and the Tuttle Cabin, so you’ll want to take a quick walk over to check it out as well. The cabin is named for the first settlers in northern Marion County, Thomas and Nancy Tuttle. The Tuttle’s first farmed the area that is now Central Park in Pella. In 1847, the land was purchased by Scholte, who led a group of 800 Dutch immigrants to the area. It’s believed to be the oldest structure in Marion County.

Tours of the cabin are available by appointment (contact office@historicpellatrust.org)

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