Harvey Railroad Bridge

It’s an old railroad bridge that now serves as a narrow level B road over an old channel of the Des Moines River. During the summer, the trees nearly cover the top of the trusses, making a canopy over the bridge. It’s an interesting place to explore. You’re welcome to drive across the bridge or you can park just before the bridge and explore by foot.

Address:  Just past the intersection of Depot Street and 228th Place in Harvey, Iowa

When was the Harvey Railroad Bridge built?

The bridge was originally built in 1878 by the American Bridge Company.  It was used as a railroad bridge until 1938, when it was abandoned for rail and converted to a roadway bridge.   When the Des Moines River was rechanneled the bridge was no longer needed. Today the bridge serves as a narrow one-lane path to nearby farm fields.  

Can you still drive on the Harvey Railroad Bridge today?

Yes, it is still available to drive on, although the bridge is narrow and doesn’t lead to any other roads or paths.  

What are the dimensions of the Harvey Railroad Bridge?

Width:  12.9 feet,  yes, it is narrow as it was originally installed as a rail bridge

Length: 600 feet

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