Your chance to sleep in a grain bin

Metal grain bins are scattered all over the Iowa landscape, but would you sleep in one? Travel to O’Brien County for your chance to sleep up to 12 people with all the amenities that you expect for as low as $150/night.

Where are the grain bins located?

The grain bins are located in NW Iowa, in Dog Creek Park at 4901 Warbler, Sutherland, Iowa 51058

How many grain bins are available for overnight stays?

Within Dog Creek Park, there are two-grain bins available – one named corn and the other named beans. Dog Creek Park also has 6-person cabins as well as other camping accommodations.

What features are available with the grain bins?

Each grain bin is 33 feet in diameter and has two floors. On the first floor is the living room, dining space/kitchen, handicap-accessible bathroom, and one bedroom with a queen bed. There is a small spiral staircase to access the second floor which has two bedrooms, one with 3 queen beds, and the last bedroom with 2 queen beds. The second floor also has a doorway leading to the outdoor deck.

Outside the bin, there is also a grain bin-style gazebo specifically for your stay, providing a place to sit or eat outdoors.

What’s it like inside the grain bin?

Watch this YouTube video to take a quick tour of the bean cabin located at Dog Creek Park in O’Brien County.

YouTube video

What items would I need to bring when staying at the Dog Creek Park Bins?

Here are some items you’ll need to bring on your visit to the bins:

  • Bedding and linens – mattresses are provided, but you’ll need to bring your own sheets and bedding.
  • Towels, as the bathroom has toilet paper, but not much else.
  • You’ll also need to bring food (they have a stove, fridge, and microwave), but there isn’t a store or place to eat in close range. In addition, you have an outside area with a grill available.
Aerial view of Dog Creek Park grain bins

How much does it cost to stay in the grain bin?

The grain bins are incredibly affordable for families at just $150 per night regardless of the number of people staying. You are required to have a two-night stay and there is a 5% tax on top, making your minimum stay cost $315. But at $315 for two nights for your entire family, that’s a great deal.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check-in time is 2 pm and check-out time is 11 am.

Each grain bin also comes with a its own bin style gazebo and fire pit.

Does the grain bin have AC, and cable TV, how about wifi?

Yes, Yes, and Yes. Air conditioning, cable TV and wifi are all included in your staff in the grain bin.

Kitchen and dining space inside the bean bin.

How do we make reservations to stay in the Dog Creek Park grain bins?

Reservations can be made online at:

You can also call: (712) 295 – 7200

Living Room space inside the bean bin. Cable TV and wifi are included in both bins.

Who owns/manages the Dog Creek Park grain bins?

The bins were built and are still maintained and managed by O’Brien County Conversation. During our stay at the bean bin, they even had a person who stopped by to see if you needed firewood, which was available at additional cost.

What activities are available at Dog Creek Park?

  • Swimming
  • Beach
  • Playgrounds
  • Hiking Trails
  • Fishing
Spend a quiet night under the stars at Dog Creek Park in O’Brien County, Iowa

What makes the grain bins so special?


Where else can you sleep 12 people for $150/night.

A true getaway

The grain bins are a true getaway scenario. Not only are they located in rural Iowa – they are also built at the end of a cul-de-sac so you won’t have traffic driving by. The key to this location is that it is a true getaway, so plan on:

  • spending time with your family
  • cooking around the campfire
  • Sitting on the 2nd-floor deck to watch the sunrise
  • Watching a movie together as a family
  • Going for a morning walk down at the lake as the morning fog moves over the water.
  • Walk down to the lake early in the morning for some quiet fishing
It’s a short walk down the waterfront from the grain bin. It’s a great morning walk or path to head down for some morning fishing.

Gorgeous night skies

Since you are in rural Iowa at a quiet county park, the skies are beautiful at night. When we visited, I had to turn off the interior lights of the bin first – and then that left only one exterior light that I couldn’t turn off. However, I was able to lay a towel over the light, and then the exterior grounds were dark, providing a great view of the sky.

Stargazing is just a few steps away from the door when you stay a Dog Creek Grain Bins!

I noticed from the photos that they have all tile or hard surface flooring, does that mean the floors are cold?

No, they have in-floor heating, so the floor surfaces are heated.

What nearby road trips would you recommend when staying at Dog Creek Cabins?

If you’re staying for several days and are looking for some nearby day trips, we recommend:

Denny Allen Road Trip, larger-than-life metal sculptures.

Visit the life-size metal sculptures built by Denny Allen that include dinosaurs, mammoths, rhinoceros, and other animals. Here are all the details on where to find all the Denny Allen sculptures or just head to Aurelia for a single park that has the highest concentration. Travel time to Aurelia: 24 minutes

Le Mars, Ice Cream Capital of the World

The ice cream capital of the world, featuring the headquarters of Wells Blue Bunny Ice Cream. Check out their museum and ice cream parlor. Le Mars is also known for its art scene, featuring their ice cream sculptures and their many building murals. Travel time to Le Mars: 51 minutes

Orange City, Home to rich Dutch ancestry

Another great day trip is Orange City, home to Dutch architecture, tradition, and, of course, Dutch food! Be sure to visit Windmill Square, the Dutch bakery, and the Dutch meat market. If you’re in the area during the month of May, be sure to stop and check out the tulips. Travel time: about 45 minutes.

Living room space in the bean cabin. The door in the back is the first-floor living room. The spiral staircase leads to the other two bedrooms and 2nd-floor deck.
Aerial view of the morning light hitting the grain bin cabins at Dog Creek Park in O’Brien County, Iowa
View from the deck during the day looking towards the lake.

Take in the night sky from the 2nd floor deck.

Sit back and watch the sunrise from the 2nd floor deck.

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