The Giant Volkswagen Beetle Spider of Avoca, Iowa

Travis and Angela Campbell took an old Volkswagen Beetle, removed the wheels, and welded on 8 legs which hoisted it 10 feet in the air. And then placed it across the street from their dad’s house. It turns out welding is in their family, as their father Darwin owns Campbell Welding and Repair.

In fact, rumor has it that they wanted to turn a Cadillac into a grasshopper. It sounds like Dad said no to that one. However, in 2020, they did give the spider a few smaller friends – a dragon and a dinosaur, each with a Campbell Welding logo.

In case you’re interested, there are a number of VW spiders located across the United States. Apparently, our spider in Avoca is one of fifteen nationwide. It’s just a few minutes off the Avoca exit on I-80 and is a quick and easy stop for selfies with a really awesome spider!

Location: 457 S Chestnut St, Avoca, IA 51521

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