Meet Omar the troll hanging out under the BOB bridge

Ok, technically this isn’t in Iowa – it’s just across the bridge in Nebraska, but it’s a wonderful stop. And that’s exactly why Omar lives under the bridge. His job is to get you to visit him, take your photo with him, and share it with your friends to tell everyone that you’re visiting under the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge.

What does OMAR stand for?

OMAR stands for Omaha Metro Area River.

Where can I find Omar the Troll?

He lives on the Omaha side, under the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge which connects Council Bluffs, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska.

Here is Omar’s exact location on Google Maps. And here are potential parking spots on the Omaha side, as well as potential parking spots on the Council Bluffs side.

Where did Omar come from?

His personal website,, tells the great story of how he was born from a raindrop and traveled near and far to find his home in Omaha.

The site also tells more about his favorite spots around Omaha, as well as a chance to meet his friends – which is a link to his hashtag of #omarthetroll on Instagram. There’s even a children’s book available that tells Omar’s story.

Does Omar have a sister?

Yes, Omar’s sister is OMAI. She doesn’t live under the bridge. However, you can adventure to various Omaha destinations to find her blue footprints.

Who sculpted Omar?

The sculptor is Omaha artist John Lajba. It was created in 2019.

With your smartphone, you can scan the QR codes on the bridge to learn more about Omar.

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