A winter walk at Zo-El Annett Woods

After a recent snowfall, we were looking for a quick winter hike, so my wife and our dog Max set out for Zo-El Annett Woods in Warren County. It’s a pretty minimal park. There are no shelters, no buildings, no bathrooms (so plan accordingly). However, it’s an ideal location for a short hike no matter what season.

The trail is just a one-mile loop with a treasure at the halfway point – a suspension bridge over a long ravine. The bridge alone is a great destination and a huge hit with kids as it has a lot of swing to the bridge.

During the winter, the trail is not plowed or cleared – however, that wasn’t a problem for us. There were others who had already taken the trail before we did and the snow wasn’t very deep anyway.

This is NOT the bridge, it’s just a boardwalk area over the lower part of the ravine. After this boardwalk, the trail climbs a small hill to lead you towards the suspension bridge.

The trail right before the suspension bridge

Enjoying the suspension bridge.

YouTube video
The suspension across the ravine at Zo-El Annett Woods in Warren County, Iowa.

Location: 699 Hempstead Pl, Prole, IA 50229

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