The Freedom Rock is the perfect Memorial Day road trip

The original Freedom Rock, located between Menlo and Greenfield, Iowa, is the perfect Memorial Day weekend road trip. Although you can stop to see the rock at any point in time – here’s why it’s best to visit on Memorial Day weekend.

Location for the Adair County Freedom Rock: Intersection of Highway 25 and 120th St, Menlo, Iowa.

Freedom Rock Website:

The original Freedom Rock is located in Adair County, Iowa.

3 reasons to visit the Freedom Rock on Memorial Day Weekend

1) See the newest version of the Freedom Rock.

Yes, this is the original Freedom Rock and is the only one that gets redesigned every year. During the month of May, Ray “Bubba” Sorensen spends his own time and his own money on paint as he dedicates the 12-foot boulder to a new set of veterans and heroes. Unlike other general veteran’s monuments, the Freedom Rock is dedicated to specific veterans each year.

YouTube video
A quick video walk-around of the 2020 Freedom Rock.

2) You’ll probably get to meet the artist

Bubba typically spends a good chunk of time on Memorial Day weekend at the site. This is your opportunity to meet and talk with the artist. In fact, a couple of years ago, my wife and I drove over during the Memorial Day weekend and met Bubba. Not only was he answering questions, but he also stepped out for photo requests. We even got to meet Bubba’s dad, who was helping out.

Ray “Bubba” Sorensen (with his Dad in the background) at the original Freedom Rock in Menlo, Iowa.

3) Support the artist

During the holiday weekend, Bubba will typically be selling his Freedom Rock calendars. They usually around $20 to $25 and proceeds help him cover the cost of the paint and time spent on the project each May.

If you aren’t able to make it on site, you can also support him by purchasing the calendar online at:

Every year a new design is dedicated to specific veterans at the Original Freedom Rock.

You’ll also notice pins, flags, and other artifacts left by veterans on the nearby poles and posts.

If you visit on Memorial Day, you may find Bubba doing a quick media interview – as they typically visit the rock on Memorial Day to talk with Bubba about the new design. I don’t know if it happens every year, but we’ll also see the final touches of the rock that included the use of veteran ashes mixed with the paint and then use for the final strokes of the design.

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