See a 60-foot tower made from hundreds of wagon wheels

At the age of 90, local farmer L. J. Maasdam started welding them together his collection of wagon wheels. Today, the Wagon Wheel Sculpture stands 60 feet tall and contains over 200 wheels and is a worth a quick detour to find.

It’s located along the side of the road, taking up a small corner of the field, and stands 60 feet tall.

Where is the J.L. Maasdam’s Wagon Wheel Sculpture located?

It’s located just off the road – near the intersection of S 48th Ave E and E 140th St S in Jasper County. The formal address is S 48th. Ave E, Grinnell, Iowa 50112

What’s the story behind the Wagon Wheel Sculpture?

L.J. Maasdam collected wagon wheels, hundreds of them. At the age of 90, he started to weld them together. Its sounds as if he was new to welding (at 90, isn’t that a story in itself?). L.J. would weld what he could during the day and his family would weld at night to help strengthen sections that needed it. L.J. passed away in 2003 at the age of 98.

Aerial view of L.J. Maasdam’s Wagon Wheel Sculpture south of Grinnell, Iowa.

Hundreds of wagon wheels were welded together to create this piece which is south of Grinnell, Iowa.

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