Live like a Viking in Elk Horn, Iowa.

The VikingHjem in Elk Horn, Iowa demonstrates a typical structure used throughout Scandinavia and Northern Europe during the later Dark Ages to the early Middle Ages. The blacksmith shop and woodworking area of the Hjem and its attached living space, all show the interior as it would have appeared in the Viking Age around 900 AD.

It’s located on the grounds of the Danish Windmill and the Morningstar Chapel are located in Elk Horn, Iowa.

Address: 4038 Main St, Elk Horn, IA 51531


The best time to visit is during Tivoli Fest during Memorial Day Weekend.

Although the VikingHjem is open most weekends (check with Danish Windmill to confirm), the best time to visit is during Elk Horn’s annual TivoliFest at the end of May. They have a Viking Encampment that happens during the festival. During this time, the VikingHjem is open and they have demonstrations of the following:

See the interior of the structure including the blacksmith shop, the woodworking area, cooking area, and living quarters.

Living quarters space in the VikingHjem
Cooking demonstration: One of the Vikings was cooking up an authentic meal that was going to be served to the Viking Encampment later that day. It contained a variety of vegetables and spices that were cooked for several hours and then had beef and barley added. I watched as they kept checking on its progress and kept making adjustments as they taste test.
Outside the Hjem are several plaques that include interesting facts about life as a Viking, government, and Viking beliefs/customs.
Blacksmith demonstrations at the Hjem.
Viking demonstrations on coin making and the purpose of coins to the Vikings
The Viking Encampment is held annually at the VikingHjem during the Tivoli Fest held in Elk Horn, Iowa every Memorial Day Weekend.
Coin making demostations

Others were demonstrating rope making and various children’s toys.

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