See the Corydon Dinosaurs along Highway 2

It’s not what you would expect along Highway 2 in Wayne County, Iowa.  But there they stand, towering over the landscape –  a brontosaurus and a T-Rex.  

According to Benny Davis, they were built by a local farmer.  When Benny was running a Caterpillar dealership, a local farmer who also worked for him built a 6-foot dinosaur. Benny then asked him to build them full size.  Today, there’s a brontosaurus and a T-Rex made of metal and painted fully white residing on the north side of Highway 2.   There was also a tin man, but he was stolen a few years ago.

The sign on the side of the building reads “Benny Davis Enterprises”   –  and I encourage you to watch this short clip from Greetings in Iowa, as they interview Benny about the various things he builds.  Benny’s specialty is building and repairing Christen Eagles, an aerobatic biplane that you commonly see at air shows.  

Location:  Benny Davis Enterprises, Highway 2, Corydon, Iowa.

NOTE: The dinosaurs are located on private property – however, it’s pretty evident that they welcome visitors. In fact, you may even have to wait in line for your selfie photo with the dinos.

If you’re in the areas, there’s also a small roadside chapel named the Little Flock Chapel that’s just a few minutes down the road towards Centerville. It’s also worth a stop.

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